Saturday, January 17, 2015

Creating an awesome sales solution for SaaS companies

SaaS business is getting into mature age. The best practices and proven processes are able to provide well known business management frameworks that can be implemented within different SaaS enterprises. There is for example many different subscription management solutionsto manage billing, as well as a bunch of different SaaS metrics to measure your success.
But this all is still far away from the maturity level that we can see on many other areas of software industry. One of the constantly evolving areas is SaaS sales management. Finding a comprehensive sales automation software for SaaS business is very difficult: Traditional business metrics simply fail to capture the key factors that drive SaaS performance.
HubSpotKissMetricsMixpanel and many other modern online analytic tools focus on marketing instead of sales. These services provide tools for actions that happen before a potential customer signs up to a SaaS app. Most of the SaaS providers must run their sales on common CRM software, such as Pipedrive, or Salesforce.
This inspired us to launch SignupLab - a sales automation software that is designed by SaaS salespeople and targeted to SaaS salespeople. The process of SignupLab starts from the signup and continues all the way to the closed deal and recurring sales.
SignupLab measures your users’ movements, triggers the automated sales activities as well as calls your salespeople into action when needed. It's a sales software that speaks the language of SaaS. It provides a fully automated sales system that allows your people from sales to product development and business management to optimise customer onboardings and sales processes.
There are naturally some existing services that come close to this, such as TotangoEvergageor Amity. But these current solutions are either designed by rocket scientists or they lack the features that modern SaaS providers require. That's why we believe that it's a perfect time to create the most powerful yet simple and easy-to-use SaaS sales automation solution for this rapidly growing industry.