Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to get SaaS sales emails delivered?

SaaS apps start sending emails as soon as user enters to the signup process. Typically the first email is a verification which checks that user really owns the given email address. Sales letters start following soon after.
Sounds simple, but what happens on servers is actually quite complex. In fact, it's so complex that millions of emails get lost every day. Some of them are bounced back by servers' spam filters while others are quietly filtered within users' email clients.
This is a problem that any SaaS company must take seriously. Especially if the signup process relies on email verification.
  • Make sure that your SaaS app uses a proper email delivery platform instead of self-configured SMTP server
  • Verify your domain with DNS configuration as instructed by your selected email delivery platform
  • Make sure that the emails are not too spammy
Well, this is actually where SignupLab can make your life much easier. It allows you to choose which email platform to use. It also guides you to configure all sales emails with automated triggers based on your users' actions. All you need is couple of code "snippets" within your app and your sales processes are ready to be executed, analyzed and optimised!

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