Sunday, August 7, 2016

Do-it-yourself integrations with Zapier - 360 degrees of SaaS sales

Since we connected SignupLab with Zapier our team has been very happily innovating new integrations. Before Zapier all integrations meant a big development cycle from idea to implementation, but now it's just a matter of idea.
Zapier is a lightweight integration tool that allows you to automate workflows between apps. All you have to do is pick up two of your favorite apps, select the operation between them and choose which data fields are included. And you don't have to be a tech guy to do this.
Downturn is that the list of available apps in Zapier is still quite humble and the interfaces that have been opened so far are often the most simple ones. But in very short time we already found many useful ways to automate small workflows with SignupLab:
  • Push notifications of new tickets from Groove helpdesk to SignupLab (client's email address works as an identifier)
  • Keep the customer contacts in Insigthly and SignupLab synchronized
  • Trigger automatically assigned tasks from SignupLab to Slack
  • Inform SignupLab about new customer conversations in Intercom
These are just some of initial ideas that we tested after SignupLab was added to Zapier.
From SignupLab users' perspective this means endless possibilities. It's fairly easy to build a real-time overview from sign-ups to user conversions and recurring sales, including key data from customer conversations, user tracking, help desk communications, invoicing among many other key areas of SaaS. Simply: A true 360 degree view for SaaS salespeople.

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