Thursday, June 18, 2015

Onboard SaaS users with MailChimp email lists and SignupLab rule engine

SignupLab can be integrated easily with MailChimp. This helps you to create a seamless SaaS user onboarding process together with SignupLab's Web-to-Signup and Activity Rule features:
  1. SignupLab’s Web-to-Signup feature allows you to create a webform to place on your website. Your website visitors can then enter their names, email addresses, and other basic information to create a signup record directly in SingupLab.
  2. Connect SignupLab and MailChimp under SignupLab's Setup / Integrations view. When connection is created, SignupLab automatically checks which users are already subscribed to your email lists and updates this data under your current users' profiles.
  3. Activity Rule is a template for a group of emails and tasks, which can be applied to signed up users. When MailChimp is properly integrated you will also see a selection of email lists when creating or editing Activity Rules.
  4. If you need  to subscribe users manually to email lists, simply click any of the user profiles open in SignupLab and click Edit. Add or remove email lists and click Save.
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